Red Turkey

castor oil Botanical Name Amount Price £
Ricinus communis 50ml 1.74
Country of Origin 100ml 2.37
India 250ml 4.68
Extraction 500ml 8.10
Cold pressed 1 litre
Source 2.5 litres
Seed 5 litres
Red Turkey oil (called suphonated or sulfated) is castor oil that has sulfuric acid added to it. The castor oil pant originates in the tropical regions of India and the mediterranean. Derived from the seeds, also called beans and has for many years for its therapeutic abilities. The plant is rather large and the seed pods are either red, or green. The castor oil is usually very light yellow in color and used in many cosmetic and other products we use daily. The beans contain high concentrations of unsaturated fatty acids to which the anti-inflammatory and medicinal abilities are attributed. The oil can be used for internal or external treatments and is said to boost the immune system and benefit many other conditions  
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