neem Botanical Name Amount Price £
Azadirachta indica 50ml 1.50
Country of Origin 100ml 2.02
India 250ml 4.00
Extraction 500ml 6.94
Cold Pressed 1 litre
Source 2.5 litres
Leaves 5 litres
General Description  
Neem has been used in India since 2000-4000 BC, and was referred to in ancient Indian texts. Neem trees are cherished in India, where they are considered good luck. and referred to as "the village pharmacy". Neem is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, and antiparasitic. Because of these properties, it is widely deployed in many different toiletries such as soap, toothpaste, hair care products, and skin care products. The oil has moisturizing and regenerative properties, contains Vitamin E, and has essential fatty acids. It has a very strong odor, dark color, and thick viscosity
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