Flyaway Insect Repellant


















General Description Amount Price £
  10ml 2.70
25ml 5.13
Safety Precautions 50ml 7.13
Essential oils are very powerful plant extracts and should always be treated with care. Always keep out of reach of children and only store in bottles with dropper inserts. They should not be ingested and should always be diluted in a suitable carrier oil before being used on the skin at 1% Maximum 100ml 11.34
250g 21.46
500g 39.50
Patch Test  1kg 73.15
Always do a ‘patch test’ before you use a blend as a test for personal sensitivity    
Directions for Use  
Flyaway Blend should be diluted with a suitable Carrier Oil (massage Oil) before use. Pour a small amount on palm of hand and gently massage    
General Use    
Flayay Blend, In an Oil Burner, Room Spray    
Citronella, Clove    
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