Ylang Ylang


ylang ylang 

Botanical Name Amount Price £
Cananga odorata
10ml 6.96
Country of Origin 25ml 13.83
Comores, Philipines 50ml 20.43
Colour 100ml 31.47
Lemon to a fuller lemon 250g 57.42
Odour 500g 104.89
Sweet, narcotic, floral, warm, elegant and jasmine-like 1kg 180.84
Flower tops
General Description
The Ylang Ylang tree grows in tropical regions but for all practical purposes it is grown in the Philipines, Indonesia and the Comores. The tree grows to a height of 5 feet making the flowers easily pickable in the early morning when fresh. The flower produces one of the most fragrant and useful oils. This oil is produced in stages or qualities chosen by the distiller based upon nasal appreciation and experience. A Ylang Ylang 'Complete' was introduced in 1950 which would have made it a true oil but it was not popular as buyers preferred oils with specific odour impression for their perfume formulations
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