Botanical Name Amount Price £
Vetiveria zizanoides
10ml 6.96
Country of Origin 25ml 13.83
Java 50ml 20.43
Colour 100ml 31.47
Greyish-brown to live-brown 250g 57.42
Odour 500g 104.89
Extremely rich, sweet, very heavy, woody and earthy 1kg 180.84
General Description
The small roots of this plant have been used for thousands of years. The tall, perennial, grassy plant is native to India, though it grows throughout southern Asia, Caribbean (especially Haiti) and other diverse locations. The washed rootlets are dried, chopped, soaked and go through a complex process before finally being steam distilled. The largest producers are Reunion and Haiti. The oil is extensively used in perfumery where it can be used as a fixative and as a special ingredient in perfumes
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