Thyme (Red)



Botanical Name Amount Price £
Thymus vulgaris
10ml 9.50
Country of Origin 25ml 18.88
Spain 50ml 27.88
Colour 100ml 42.93
Orange-red to reddish-brown 250g 78.34
Odour 500g 143.12
Rich, powerful, herbaceous and strongly phenolic 1kg 246.75
Whole plant
General Description
One of the many Thymes and Origanums which tend to be confusing due to the name. Thyme is a small plant familiar to gardeners and cooks. It grows throughout Europe though tends is grown as a crop in Spain where the climate is ideal. The plant produces two oils - Red Thyme and White Thyme. Only the red being a natural distillate. It is heavily phenolic and therefore irritant to the skin. If it comes into direct contact with the skin it can burn and cause blisters. Used extensively in flavours and pharmaceuticals
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