Tea Tree


 tea tree

Botanical Name Amount Price £
Melaleuca alternifolia
10ml 2.79
Country of Origin 25ml 5.57
Australia 50ml 8.11
Colour 100ml 12.65
Colourless to pale yellow 250g 23.09
Odour 500g 42.17
Sharp, strong, medicinal and characteristic 1kg 72.71
Twigs and leaves
General Description
Probably one of the greatest success stories in the essential oil world. Pioneered by Christopher Dean who established Thursday plantation more than 25 years ago. The tree grows in natural 'stands' in soggy ground and was used during the last war when medicines were difficult to get from Europe. It has since blossomed into a very virile Australia Natural Industry in New South Wales. The tree grows now in plantations that are regularly coppiced, the twigs and leaves being distilled to provide the oil. It has a very wide spectrum of bacterial applications especially in hospitals where it can attack MRSA and other bacteria
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