Botanical Name Amount Price £
Tagetes glandulifera 5ml 4.77
Country of Origin 10ml 8.62
South Africa 25ml 17.14
Colour 50ml 24.98
Orange-yellow to orange-brown 100ml 38.98
Odour 250g 71.13
Sharp, characteristic of the flower and unpleasant 500g 129.93
1kg 224.02
Stems, leaves and flower
General Description
The plant originated in South America and spread to South Africa then north to other countries where it grows wild. It is one of the few plants which now grows comfortably in all five continents and is familiar with gardeners in Britain where it is a popular border plant. It has very pungent leaves and flowers and is almost sickening in odour. The oil is highly viscous and capable of becoming resinified with age. Not a popular oil in aromatherapy due to its irritancy
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