Botanical Name Amount Price £
Salvia officinalis
10ml 3.37
Country of Origin 25ml 6.70
Spain 50ml 9.77
Colour 100ml 15.24
Water white  to pale yellow 250g 27.80
Odour 500g 52.99
Fresh, herbaceous, eucalyptol-camphoraceous like 1kg 87.56
Leaves and stem
General Description
The Spanish sage is quite different to both Dalmatian Sage and Clary Sage.  Its origin is not clear but was probably introduced into Spain by the Moors.  However as the species developed it evolved along different lines due to climatic change and  soil type.  The oil is quite different and tends to resemble many of the oils from Spain, having a distinct eucalyptol quality.  It is used in aromatherapy
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