Rose Otto



rose otto

Botanical Name Amount Price £
Rosa damascena 2.5ml 34.16
Country of Origin 5ml 53.24
Bulgaria 10ml 90.43
Colour 25ml 190.92
Pearly white opalescent 50ml POA
Odour 100ml POA
Rich, floral honey-like, very persistent    
General Description  
This oil, also known by its old name 'otto' is produced principally in Bulgaria and Turkey. It is expensive as it takes millions of rose petals to produce a reasonable measure. It is produced in old-fashioned copper stills and tends to solidify at 16 degrees celsius due to its waxy composition. It is very persistent, hence its use in high quality perfumes. Once the oil gets on the fingers or clothes the odour persists for days. Attributed to Noor Jehan when she had it skimmed from ornamental lakes at the Taj Mahal. Known however for many centuries it has been used for medicines, jams, syrups, rose waters to name but a few
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