Botanical Name Amount Price £
Pogostemon patchouli
10ml 4.99
Country of Origin 25ml 9.92
India 50ml 14.46
Colour 100ml 22.57
Rich reddish-brown 250g 41.17
Odour 500g 75.22
Rich, sweet, aromatic, spicy, herbaceous and woody-balsamic 1kg 129.68
General Description
A little busy plant about 2 feet high, trowel shaped leaves which used to be put alongside Cashmere fabrics over 100 years ago to perfume them. The plant is native to India that still produce most of the oil, but recent events have lead to a shortage. Made famous in the 'flower power days' when it was used by hippies to mask the scent of marijuana. It is a beautiful oil which improves with age
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