Orange (Sweet, Florida)


 orange sweet

Botanical Name Amount Price £
Citrus sinesis
10ml 1.42
Country of Origin 25ml 2.83
California USA 50ml 4.13
Colour 100ml 6.44
Colourless to pale yellow 250g 11.74
Odour 500g 21.74
Sweet, fresh. characteristic of the fruit, poor tenacity 1kg 36.96
Peel or whole fruit
General Description
Along with apples and bananas, oranges are probably on of the most popular fruits. However, it is a relatively new fruit, being only introduced into Europe from Persia in the 9th century. Orange trees grow to an old age, some as old as 600 years. some individual trees can produce as many as 6,000 fruits. The orange and its juice is used for many culinary purposes. The oil can be produced by 4 different methods depending on whether the oranges have already been processed
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