Botanical Name Amount Price £
Myrtus communis
10ml 3.37
Country of Origin 25ml 6.70
Southern Italy 50ml 9.77
Colour 100ml 15.24
Pale yellow to pale amber 250g 27.80
Odour 500g 50.79
Fresh, strong, camphoraceous, spicy, sweet and herbaceous 1kg 87.56
Leaves and twigs
General Description
A tree with a very details history. In ancient times the myrtle was dedicated to Aphrodite or Venus the goddess of love and the twigs and flowers were considered to be emblems of youth. Used in religious and social ceremonies, Myrtle is a product of the warmer regions of the Meditarranean. The flowers, leaves and twigs are all frafgrant. The oil differs according to the location of the trees and is used in both perfumery and flavours. Not a popular oil in aromatherapy
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