Botanical Name Amount Price £
Citrus aurantifolia
10ml 1.80
Country of Origin 25ml 3.59
Caribbean 50ml 5.23
Colour 100ml 8.15
Pale yellow 250g 14.87
Odour 500g 27.16
Sharp, fresh, terpeney, but poor tenacity 1kg 46.83
Fruit rind
General Description
The Lime tree started its origins in India but quickly got established in the tropics and sub-tropics of the world, especially in the Americas. Used by explorers in ships for keeping scurvy at bay, the lime was the most effective treatment. Limes are used in cordials, beverages and liqueurs. There are 2 methods of extracting the essential oil - express from the skin or rind and distilling lime oil is a by-product of the fruit juice industry. Has uses in aromatherapy
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