Lavender (Spike)


 lavander spike

Botanical Name Amount Price £
Lavendula latifolia
10ml 2.18
Country of Origin 25ml 4.33
Spain 50ml 6.31
Colour 100ml 9.85
Water white to pale yellow 250g 17.97
Odour 500g 32.82
Sharp, cineolic, herbal and somewhat penetrating 1kg 56.60
Flowering tops
General Description
Known in France as Aspic and Britain as Spike Lavender, it is one of the parents of Lavandin. It grows wild in Southern Europe, especially Spain, where it is cultivated. It looks like French Lavender but somewhat more spindly. The oil is produced by water and steam distillation and the resultant oil is quite different from 'augustifolia' oil. Spike Lavender oil  tends to be used in Pharmacopoea
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