Botanical Name Amount Price £
Boswellia sacra
5ml 6.05
Country of Origin 10ml 10.93
Oman 25ml 21.73
Colour 50ml 31.66
Pale lemon 100ml 49.40
Odour 250g 90.15
Fresh, terpeney and diffusive 500g 164.68
Source 1Kg 283.93
Oleo-gum-resin from bark  
General Description
There is so much information about this tree that there are several book writers about it, the most recent one by Sellar & Watt. It has a prolific history of use, particularly in the Middle East. It was one of the original ingredients of Kyphi, the special aromatic used by the Ancient Egyptians. The Female Pharaoh Hatshepsut sent an expedition to the land of Punt to collect small trees which she planted in a huge garden in front of the Mortuary Temple at Deir el Bahri on the West Bank. Used for thousands of years as a religious incense and is still used today in many churches
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