Eucalyptus (Globulus)



Botanical Name Amount Price £
Eucalyptus globulus
10ml 1.51
Country of Origin 25ml 3.00
Portugal 50ml 4.37
Colour 100ml 6.82
Colourless 250g 12.45
Odour 500g 22.75
Strong, powerful, medicinal 1kg 39.22
Fresh or partly dried leaves
General Description
Probably one of the best known trees across the world. Originating in Australia it has been transported and grown so successfully that the oil produced from its leaves rarely comes from Australia today. The tree grows to a height of some 60 feet and with its blueish colour, pointed aromatic leaves and curious bark the wood provides much timber for pit props and other uses. It is highly sustainable and the oil is relatively cheap. Used for pharmaceutical preparations like cough drops, inhalations and syrups and is a very useful oil in aromatherapy
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