Clove Bud


clove bud 

Botanical Name Amount Price £
Syzygium aromaticum
10ml 3.14
Country of Origin 25ml 6.23
Madagascar 50ml 9.08
Colour 100ml 14.16
Yellow to amber brown 250g 25.84
Odour 500g 47.20
Strong, heavy, powerful smell of eugenol 1kg 81.38
Bark, twigs
General Description
Cloves are produced on the rather small, broad-leaved tree that grows in the Indonesia Islands and coastal areas of East Africa. The spice has a 2,000 year old history of use and was one or the original spices. The ancient Chinese used to chew cloves to alleviates toothache and sweeten the breath. now universally for foods, pharmaceutical, confectionary and aromatherapy
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