Botanical Name Amount Price £
Elettaria cardomomum
5ml 6.42
Country of Origin 10ml 11.61
India 25ml 23.03
Colour 50ml 33.61
Colourless to pale yellow or brown 100ml 51.34
Odour 250g 95.69
Warm, spicy aromatic and somewhat camphoraceous with balsamic undertones 500g 174.79
1Kg 301.37
Crushed seeds  
General Description
The long stubby plant that grows wild, though it is cultivated in India. It has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine and is often mixed with tea leaves top produce a pleasant tea. The oil has been known for over 450 years. The seeds are enclosed in odourless husks and are not removed until they are green. It is the green cardamoms that you can buy at the spice counter
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