pine needle Botanical Name Amount Price £
Pinus pumilia
10ml 2.09
Country of Origin 25ml 4.15
Siberia, Russia, Finland 50ml 6.05
Colour 100ml 9.44
Water white 250g 17.22
Odour 500g 31.45
Balsamic, sweet, faintly woody and slightly spicy 1kg 54.23
Wood waste and leaves
General Description
Pine trees grace most of the Northern temperate regions in forests. They are quick growing and many countries keep a conservation policy going by 'thinning out' trees and thereby keeping the supply available. Most of the timber is used for pulping into paper and essential oil is a by-product of the process. The essential oil is usually mixed and blended to provide an acceptable standard for various purposes. The composition of the oil is the deciding factor
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