Botanical Name Amount Price £
Lavadula hybrida
10ml 2.02
Country of Origin 25ml 4.01
France 50ml 5.85
Colour 100ml 9.13
Pale yellow to colourless 250g 16.65
Odour 500g 30.42
Strongly herbaceous, very fresh camphene-cineole-like
1kg 52.45
General Description    
Lavindin is a hybrid and developed by crossing true lavender with spike lavender and has many varieties. Cultivated mainly in the South of France but also in Spain, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Argentina in smaller quantities. Used in very high concnetration in perfume formula and as a fragrance in liquid soaps, detergents, liquid cleaners. Mixes extremely well with many other essentials oils for use in aromatherapy
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