Aromatherapy And Your Emotions by Shirley Price

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Shirley Price
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Thorsons (2 May 2000)    
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New guide to using fragrance and essential oils to balance your emotions. Both our physical and mental health are effected by our emotions; whether we are happy or sad, jealous or angry, joyous or anxious – all have tell-tale signs displayed in our body. The brain’s emotional centres are highly receptive to scent and aromatherapy is a particularly safe and effective way to promote emotional well being. Aromatherapists use essential oils to rebalance our emotions, smoothe away negative emotional influences and encourage positive ones. The book shows how our emotions have a direct influence on physical health and advises on different scents which will de-stress, relax, cheer, uplift, or enhance passion for life. Find out how positive emotions can be evoked and negative emotions can be vanquished to produce a a positive effect on health and happiness