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Established in 1983, we are a UK based company supplying a comprehensive range of carefully selected pure essential oils to professional aromatherapists, practitioners and aromatherapy institutions around the world. Widely acclaimed for our exhaustive quality controls, extensive research and development programmes we offer reassurance and complete commitment to customer satisfaction on both price and service.

The Aromark Seal of Quality, a registered Trade Mark of Butterbur and Sage Ltd, is a strict system of quality based upon the botanical plant, its origin, analysis and purity. It represents a unique development in the need to establish standards of purity and authenticity with essential oils, absolutes and other aromatics.

our products

We offer a wide range of products. You will find detailed information, including allergens, on our Product Information page. Browse our Shop to view everyhting we have available.

Butterbur &Sage Ltd totally rejects the use of animals for testing cosmetics.

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We have been supplying the core ingredients for Aromatherapy products since 1986. It was clear that the purity of essential oils was a vital factor for aromatherapists and we pride ourselves on our reputation for high quality products.

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We offer a range of SLES & Paraben Free cosmetic materials, including hand wash and moisturising lotions, incorporating your choice of natural oils.

bottles and jars

bottles & jars

At Butterbur and Sage we can also provide you with a wide range of bottles and jars in which to store your finished products. 

teaching courses

In the past we have provided teaching courses, for small groups and charities,  interested in how to mix essential oils into cosmetics and how to create perfumes. If anybody is interested, please do not hesitate to Contact us.

Sandy Sage
Managing Director